About me :

I was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1989. I received the B.Sc. degree with honours in Statistics in 2011 as a top student from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran. After that I recieved the M.Sc. degree with honours in Applied Statistics in 2013 from IUT as a top student. During this period, I was a Teaching Assistant of Dr. Soroush Alimoradi, my supervisor.

Although I worked as an evaluator of some knowledge-based companies, I decided to continue my education due to my interest in Applied Statistics. Therefore I began my Ph.D degree in Statistics in 2014 at IUT...

Educations :


  • Sept, 2014 – Now, Ph.D. in Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology,

             Main Supervisor: Dr. Soroush Alimoradi, Department of Mathematical Sciences, (http://alimoradi.iut.ac.ir/)


  • Sept, 2011 – Sept, 2013, M.Sc. in Applied Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology,     

​             Thesis Title: Logistic Regression Modelling by Means of Evolutionary Radial Basis Function Neural Networks,

             Supervisor: Dr. Soroush Alimoradi, Department of Mathematical Sciences, (http://alimoradi.iut.ac.ir/​),

              Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Reza Ahmadzade, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, (http://ahmadzadeh.iut.ac.ir/​).


  • Sept, 2007 – Sept, 2011, B.Sc. in Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology,

Research Interests :

  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • High Dimensional Statistics